What If We Stop Marketing?

Whether the focus is the patient or the C-Suite, healthcare marketers are responsible to craft powerful stories that not only save lives, but justify the work that they are doing. Learning to communicate effectively, using data intelligently, building effective plans, and using advanced technologies like AI can give marketers the edge they need.

Join Chris Hemphill as they guide us through conversations with some of the leaders who know how to use internal storytelling to keep a hospital’s consumer growth arm going.

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Episode Takeaways

  1. In order to communicate clearly with patients and internal leadership, which is necessary in a virtual world, the focus must be on why people should care about your story. Keep content short, organized, and skimmable.
  2. Marketers need to market within their own organization about their results and how they will help leadership hit their bottom line. Show IT, finance, and senior leadership what marketing is and how it brings real business success. Partnering with the CIO, CFO, and clinical team builds credibility.
  3. Build partnerships, shared goals, and strategies before buying new marketing technologies. Partnering with the CIO is crucial. Communicate the benefits of following certain courses of action from a marketing perspective.
  4. Planning is the difference between an experience that delights patients, and one that frightens them away. Marketing is not just about communications; it is also about understanding and improving the consumer experience.
  5. A good marketing plan connects what is going on in the environment of the organization to where the organization wants to be positioned, and the specific actions and quantifiable objectives connected with those goals.

About the Show

Consumer experiences, major disruptors, and AI tech are shaping healthcare for years to come. On Hello Healthcare, we dive deep on these issues with leaders who are driving change. We hope that their stories will drive you to demand or create a better future.

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