AI in Healthcare News and Updates August 2022

Our monthly report on AI, ML, DL, and NLP in healthcare looks at who, what, where, and how the use of artificial intelligence is changing healthcare for the better. We will bring you some of the latest news and product information along with thought leader posts and our AI playlist of episodes from Healthcare NOW Radio.

In the News

Infermedica Launches New Modules, Bringing AI-Driven Medical Guidance Platform to Life
Infermedica (@Infermedica) – a digital health company, specializing in AI-powered solutions for symptom analysis and patient triage – announces the launch of its Medical Guidance Platform, with new modules and features designed to support the entire patient-care journey. The Medical Guidance Platform leverages the powerful clinically-validated technology behind Infermedica’s successful symptom checker tool, and aims to provide personalized patient care from first symptoms to post-visit communication and treatment. In collaboration with its customers and partners, including Allianz, HonorHealth, Optum, Microsoft, LifeMD, Global Excel, Gothaer, and Sana Kliniken, Infermedica’s solutions have been used by over 10 million people globally to triage patients to the right level of care.

Caption Health and Heartbeat Health partner to provide unprecedented access to cardiac care
Caption Health (@CaptionHealth), a company providing services and AI to improve heart ultrasound access, and Heartbeat Health (@heartbeat), the nation’s largest Virtual Cardiology company, announced a partnership that will enable providers to offer their patients earlier access to cardiovascular care than ever before possible. In this partnership, Caption Health’s Caption Care™ clinicians will perform heart ultrasounds in convenient locations, even a patient’s home, using the Caption AI platform, while Heartbeat Health virtual cardiologists receive, read, and interpret the ultrasounds remotely through their telemedicine platform. Heartbeat will then provide televisits and discuss findings with primary care teams for patients with abnormal cardiac findings via their virtual programs.

New Study Links One Drop’s AI-Powered Blood Glucose Forecasts to Better Engagement and Diabetes Outcomes
One Drop (@onedroptoday), a precision health solutions company for people living with diabetes and other chronic conditions, announced outcomes from a retrospective cohort study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) on the effects of its novel AI-powered blood glucose (BG) forecasting feature. The study focuses on indicators of glycemic control and health data logging in adults with type 2 diabetes (T2Ds) using the award-winning One Drop digital health platform.

Cornerstone AI Raises $5 Million Seed to Solve Healthcare’s Data Problem
Cornerstone AI, a new company solving healthcare’s data challenges to improve research and care, publicly launched its first-of-its-kind AI platform. Cornerstone is developing highly intelligent, automated software to accurately and efficiently clean and prepare data in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. Its software can significantly accelerate data analysis and healthcare research. Cornerstone’s founders incubated the company in partnership with Initiate Studios, a new venture studio that co-creates companies at the intersection of healthcare, life sciences and technology.


Vital Launches CareAdvisor, a Next Generation Inpatient Digital Health Solution Designed To Engage Patients and Provide Clinical Decision Support in Hospitals
Vital (@Vital_EHR), an AI-driven digital health company, announces the launch of its inpatient product CareAdvisor. Building upon successful partnerships with over 100 hospitals and 32 leading health systems who have implemented Vital’s flagship emergency department (ED) solution ERAdvisor, Vital’s technology now delivers an individualized care experience for hospitalized patients and their families, and powers clinical decision support for providers and hospital staff.

Caption Health Receives CE Mark for Caption AI™ technology platform
Caption Health (@CaptionHealth), a company using AI and services to improve heart ultrasound access, announced that it has received a CE Mark for its Caption AI™ technology platform. This certification represents the first step in making Caption Health’s industry-leading technology platform available outside the US, and highlights the company’s strong clinical and regulatory track record as it uses AI and ultrasound to deliver better cardiac care.

GYANT Launches Asynchronous Care Platform with Intermountain Healthcare to Handle Urgent Care Cases Virtually
GYANT (@GYANT_Health), the patient journey automation company, announced that its asynchronous e-Visit care platform, Async, has been launched with Intermountain Healthcare. The GYANT solution conducts an AI-powered clinical assessment within Intermountain’s My Health+ app and, when appropriate, routes patients to an asynchronous visit. After the success of the initial deployment, patients will be able to self-select for an asynchronous visit in quarter three of 2022.

To Read

5 ways AI is transforming healthcare – From Medtronic (@Medtronic) – Digital technology is driving rapid, fundamental changes to almost every aspect of daily life — including the delivery of healthcare. Today, patients expect healthcare to be convenient, accessible, and delivered seamlessly, much in the same way they might order an item from Amazon. Health system leaders are under tremendous pressure to find cost-effective solutions aimed at improving patient outcomes and operational efficiency. While balancing these demands is challenging, advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) can help make healthcare work better for everyone.

A modern-day revolution: How AI could transform the healthcare industryBy Ben Prescott, Analytics Practice Manager, ConvergeOne, published in Venture Beat (@VentureBeat) – We all know technology is a driver of change. Much of the development and improvements we’ve seen in the healthcare industry today as compared to 20, 10, or even five years ago, have been a direct result of technological innovation. As technology continues to get smarter, faster and more reliable, it seems like the possibilities are endless. Artificial intelligence (AI), and especially machine learning (ML), are likely to have a tremendous impact on the future of the healthcare industry for patients, physicians and medical researchers.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: What’s New in the Industry?By Yuliia Kniazieva, Editor-at-Large, Label Your Data (@labelyourdata) – Medical AI figures prominently in the global economy and is no less important in everyone’s life. The brave struggle against the virus throughout the last two years of the pandemic only confirms this. According to the market forecast, the global AI in healthcare market is expected to reach USD 95.65 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 46.1%. The main reason for this is the soaring demand for improved, faster, more accurate, and personalized patient treatment. In addition, the increased adoption of advanced technologies in healthcare is due to the growing potential of artificial intelligence in drug discovery and genomics.

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