What 500 Security Risk Assessments Reveal About the State of Security in Healthcare

When: Thursday, October 25, 2018
Time: 2:00 pm ET
Duration: 45 minutes + Live Q&A

A Security Risk Analysis (SRA) is a requirement under the HIPAA Security Rule, which directs covered entities and business associates to conduct a thorough and accurate assessment on the risks and vulnerabilities to ePHI. A requirement under MACRA as well, eligible clinicians can lose up to 4% of their Medicare distribution starting in 2019 for not conducting an SRA. From there, the deductions go up each year. Additionally, a proper SRA can mitigate or even thwart a cyber threat or ransomware attack.

Join us and national SRA expert Carl Kunkleman, as we discuss:

  • SRA – why the urgency?
  • Objectives of an SRA
  • SRA strategies
  • Process for conducting an SRA
  • Review of 4 safeguards
  • How to conduct a thorough policy and procedure review
  • Common gaps in conducting SRAs
  • Best practices for implementing an SRA

Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to ask some of your most pressing questions during the live Q&A portion of our webinar.


Meet the Speaker
Carl Kunkleman, Senior VP and Co-Founder, ClearDATA
Carl Kunkleman has 25 years experience in the Healthcare industry. At ClearDATA he is responsible for developing the sales and solutions teams to help healthcare providers and technology companies solve the big needs in healthcare IT today. Prior to ClearDATA, he launched U.S. Healthcare Compliance, a best-in-class HIPAA security and privacy services company to help physicians, hospitals, and clinics understand how to take advantage of the HITECH Act and address the immediate need for HIPAA security and privacy related work specific to meeting Meaningful Use and information security. ClearDATA acquired his company in 2011.

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