HIPAA Security Rule


By Art Gross – The National Institute of Standards and Technology has provided updated guidance for the health care industry. Designed to help with electronically protected health information, they have created a new draft titled Implementing the HIPAA Security Rule: A Cybersecurity Resource Guide.

What Is MFA….and Do I Need It?

By Art Gross – Multi-Factor Authentication, or as it has become commonly known, MFA, is the practice of “doubling down” on your login security. You are using Multiple (more than one) Factors (ways or methods) to Authenticate (verify) your identity when you access an account.

Why Security Must Go Beyond HIPAA

By Matt Fisher – A common area of HIPAA that receives a lot of attention by organization is the Security Rule. The focus is driven by the requirement to implement various policies, procedures, and processes to secure the protected health information in each organization’s possession.

Electronic Health Records and The Security Rule

By Art Gross – Patient care in a digital age means that most information is stored electronically. These records, known as electronic Protected Health Information, are collected as EHRs and then stored in a variety of systems. With the HIPAA in mind, how do you maintain security around the ePHI beyond the EHR?

Applying HIPAA to Digital Health

By Matt Fisher – The aim of the recent Getting Back to Basics post was to re-establish the key fundamentals of how HIPAA operates. To summarize in a sentence, HIPAA applies to certain defined entities working or interacting with healthcare information related to an individual.