ViVE 2023 Lightning Round

That’s a wrap on the 2nd annual ViVE conference at the Music City Center in Nashville. And the numbers came in at 7600 attendee, 300+ speakers, and just over 600 exhibitors. Read all our coverage on ViVE 2023 from HealthIT Answers and Healthcare NOW Radio. And check out our playlist including our shows we did live from the CHIME theater.

And in the spirit of the now famous HLTH/ViVE avatars, here is Jim and my lightening round wrap up and excellent adventure.

Nothing Breaking Here…

The usual product updates and launches were of course included in the ViVE news, see our announcement post.

From the presentation stages:

OpenAI ChatGPT was definitely chatted about. But will it bring us to the promised land? The category for AI exhibitors was 173, almost 30%. Even ONC Micky Trapathi weighed in during his keynote – “I think all of us hopefully feel tremendous excitement and you ought to feel tremendous fear also. As we know, inappropriately used, there are equity issues, there are safety issues, there are quality issues, there’s all sorts of issues without appropriate transparency and appropriate governance over how these are used at a local level. I’m not talking about big picture governance but more at the local level so that the users have a better understanding of what this algorithm is doing and how do we have a governance process in any one of these settings for what algorithms we use and make available.”

Amazon Pharmacy officials talk about a new program offering consumers automatic drug discounts with their coupon program.

From the talk around the floor:

Privacy is catching on as what the consumer wants. No one wants their health information or any information for that matter sold to Meta. But industry not looking for a US version of GDPR either. Is there a middle ground?

AWS announced the 23 startups selected for the Accelerator, from hundreds of applicants worldwide. These startups offer solutions the healthcare industry needs in three core areas: retention, deployment, and training.

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  1. Interoperability
  2. Government funded training/education to providers for TEFCA
  3. Health Equity
  4. Chat GPT bringing us to the Promised Land
  5. Unique Patient Identifier
  6. Meta caring about our privacy
  7. World Peace

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