News and Announcements from ViVE 2023

Following are news and announcements released from #ViVE2023, March 26-29, 2023 at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN.

Gozio Health Expands Platform to Enable Customized Experiences by User Type
Gozio Health (@GozioHealth) has announced new capabilities that allow hospitals and health systems to provide custom mobile experiences by user type or group. This expansion enables healthcare organizations to not only design a cohesive mobile app within a single platform, but also develop unique digital experiences that more specifically address the needs and expectations of a wide variety of stakeholders.

ClearDATA Debuts Two New Professional Services Offerings
ClearDATA® (@cleardatacloud), the first and most comprehensive provider of healthcare-specific managed cloud, compliance and cyber defense services, announced the addition of two offerings to its Professional Services portfolio. Together, the Well-Architected Framework Review and Cloud Compliance & Risk Assessment extend and strengthen ClearDATA’s ability to help healthcare providers keep health data private, secure and continuously compliant in the public cloud.

Wondr Health Introduces Innovative Solution to Navigate the Complexities of Weight-Loss Medications
Building on the success of its world-class weight-management program Wondr, Wondr Health (@wondrhealth) announces Wondr Advanced, a comprehensive solution to address the obesity epidemic and drive down health-care costs. Wondr Advanced brings industry-leading expertise to help organizations navigate the complexities of weight and anti-obesity medications (AOMs) for their population.

When Patients Need a Prescription Renewed, the Waiting Is the Hardest Part
Patients waiting for prescription renewals often face challenges and delays that can impact their health, according to a new survey by health technology pioneer DrFirst (@DrFirst). When prescriptions are out of refills or have expired, the doctor needs to authorize a renewal, which is essentially a new prescription for the medication. Even though pharmacies often send an electronic renewal request to the doctor on behalf of patients, the process can take longer than expected, causing patients to worry about running out of needed medications.

Nova Scotia Health Launches Pilot Program with MDClone
Nova Scotia Health (@HealthNS) is partnering with MDClone (@MDCloneHQ) – a global data analytics and synthetic data company – to enable quick access for clinicians to health data while maintaining the strictest privacy considerations. A pilot project, driven by Nova Scotia Health’s Innovation Hub, will provide a select group of Nova Scotia Health researchers with access to the MDClone ADAMS Platform. This software helps researchers conduct analysis more efficiently by using synthetic data. The artificially created data replicates the characteristics and correlations of real patient populations while maintaining patient privacy.

ELLKAY Releases a New Interoperability Platform, LKOpera, a Holistic Data Management Solution
ELLKAY, LLC (@TeamELLKAY), announces the release of a new interoperability platform to the digital healthcare market. LKOpera, the interoperability platform from ELLKAY, is the solution to improve efficiencies and speed, empowering health organizations with a data management strategy that is in line with the needs of today and the future. LKOpera leverages ELLKAY’s 20 plus years of experience and more than 58,000 connections to bring significant advantage to healthcare organizations. With LKOpera, ELLKAY’s healthcare partners can execute a connected digital ecosystem across all their ancillaries and partners in one elegant, cloud-based platform.

Avaneer Health Launches its Decentralized Network and Platform to Transform Healthcare Administration
Avaneer Health (@AvaneerHealth), a secure digital network for healthcare, announced that it has launched its private, peer-to-peer network with several leading healthcare organizations. With a single connection to the Avaneer Network™, participants can collaborate and share real-time data, streamlining healthcare administration and enhancing the healthcare experience for all stakeholders.

Veda Launches Vectyr Provider Database
Veda, a healthcare data company dedicated to solving the industry’s most complex data issues, has launched Vectyr: Data Curation, the most comprehensive and accurate data to build optimal provider networks. The database is the engine behind Veda’s other products, Quantym: Data Quality Scoring and Velocity: Process Automation, and is now available to customers on demand.

Pure Storage Ushers in the New Era of Unstructured Data Storage with FlashBlade//E
Pure Storage® (@purestorage), the IT pioneer that delivers the world’s most advanced data storage technology and services, announced FlashBlade//E™, a scale-out unstructured data repository built to handle exponential data growth with industry-leading energy efficiency.

NextGen Healthcare Announces Mirth Cloud Connect
NextGen Healthcare, Inc. (@nextgen), a provider of innovative, cloud-based healthcare technology solutions, announced from ViVE 2023 the launch of Mirth® Cloud Connect, a cloud-based solution that provides interoperability as a managed solution.