Using Deep Learning Technology for Precision Medicine

A Conversation with Christian Dansereau, Ph.D

CEO & Founder of Perceiv Al
Twitter: @perceiv_ai
Twitter: @ChrisDansereau

Gil chats with Christian Dansereau, Ph.D, CEO & Founder of Perceiv Al a Montreal, an AI-driven healthcare company pioneering the use of deep learning technology for precision medicine and providing multimodal digital biomarkers to forecast disease progression and improve treatment efficacy in the aging and associated diseases space.

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Episode Takeaways

  • Perceiv is pursuing a line of science and drug development that remains one of the world’s most pressing, but perhaps least successful – Alzheimer’s and other cognitive diseases. These diseases could crush the economies of the developed world. We’re trending toward a pandemic-level situation, and it will be challenging if we’re unable to scale properly the way we provide care to these individuals.
  • The current system is very costly and maladapted to caring for these kinds of patients, and their numbers are only increasing. New promising drugs are coming on the market that may release some pressure and recent developments are encouraging, but now is not the time to rest on laurels. The status quo for the last 20 years isn’t sustainable. 90%+ failure in clinical trials for Alzheimer’s historically – that’s starting to turn.
  • The way trials have been conducted in the past, clinical trial patients very seldomly stay stable throughout the course of the trial. They sadly tend to decline, and the sample size needs to increase. They keep compensating with more and more people, but if we understand individual profiles and can better predict their trajectory, we can help solve the problem. That will help make decisions sooner rather than later. Forecasting disease evolution is critical.
  • Anything new is seen as risky, even if it’s not. AI and predictive analytics are in that bucket, and big pharma is notoriously risk averse. We must work with them to bring these technologies to their workflow with as little disruption as possible but as much impact as we can bring to bear. We have to show results and show that these emerging technologies are not as risky as they might think. It’s an ongoing challenge and discussion. Big organizations are hard to change, even though everyone says they want to innovate.


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