Upcoming Event: Healthcare Transformation and the Power of Data

The Power of Data: Igniting meaningful, scalable, and sustainable change
Wednesday, May 21st, 1:00 EDT

If you’ve missed any of Dr. John Haughom’s healthcare transformation webinars you’re in luck. Dr. Haughom, Senior Advisor at Health Catalyst, returns for the fourth event in the series.

Event Description:

Join Dr. Haughom on his journey to better understand the power of using your data to discover meaningful patterns in data with the potential to make large-scale improvements in quality, safety and efficiency.

Participants will learn:

  •  How to unlock and appropriately use data in support of improvement
  •  How to make healthcare data more accessible
  •  The strength and weaknesses of different data models
  •  The importance of automating data distribution
  •  A conceptual framework for organizing your thinking and approach to managing the complexity of clinical care
  •  Why a pareto analysis is fundamental to prioritize the allocation of precious resources toward the most favorable improvement opportunities

The content of this webinar is the fourth in Dr. Haughom’s healthcare transformation series. In previous webinars, he discussed industry forces over the last century that led to the healthcare we have today. Understanding those historical dynamics better prepares today’s healthcare professional to architect the change that is necessary for US healthcare to thrive and to continue to lead the world in advances while dramatically constraining costs.

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If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Haughom’s views on healthcare transformation, you can download his free ebook, Healthcare: A Better Way, The New Era of Opportunity.  The ebook is the foundation of this webinar series.