Turning Conflict Into Collaboration – Successful Strategies for Finance and Clinical Leaders

A Conversation with Dr. George Mayzell and Steven Berger

Episode Overview
To be a high performing health care organization, finance and clinical leaders must work together to improve patient care. Many different factors play a part in the often fragile relationship between the two. But by aligning incentives and increasing communication, the dynamic can improve. On this episode of Value-Based Care insights, host Daniel J. Marino has a great discussion with Dr. George Mayzell and Steven Berger on the evolving relationships between hospitals and physicians.

Key takeaways:

  • Evolving incentives and changing financial dynamics can create misalignments between hospitals and physicians.
  • The ability to work together is really predicated on transparency, good communication, and some level of mutual governance.
  • In order to provide good quality care, hospitals and physicians need one another and need better financial alignment, whether that is entering something like a co-management agreement, integrated physician network, or a joint venture. Solutions are not one-size fits all, and the most critical piece still comes back to improving communication between hospital and physician.

About The Show
From Healthcare NOW RadioValue-Based Care Insights is a podcast that explores how to optimize the performance of programs to meet the demands of an increasing value-based care payment environment. Hosted by Dan Marino (@DjmarinoHD), the VBCI podcast highlights recognized experts in the field and within Lumina Health Partners (@LuminaHP). Join the conversation on Twitter at #VBCInsights. This article was originally published on the Lumina Health Partners blog and is republished here with permission. For transcript, see original post.