The Waiting Room – week of 9/13/09

The HIT Policy committee will meet this Friday at 8:30am EST. The meeting like always is open to the public. You can participate over the web by going here. The agenda has been posted here. It appears the meeting will not be business as usual if you review the agenda. We will not hear from the workgroups as their recommendations have be accepted in previous meetings. Instead the meeting note indicates the meeting will be an “initial information public hearing as input to further deliberations regarding recommendations for 2013 and 2015 meaningful use criteria. Initially, the Committee is seeking testimony in four broad categories: 1) individual choice/control, data segmentation; 2) use, disclosure, secondary use, data stewardship; 3) aggregate data use, de-identification/re-identification, models for data storage; and 4) transparency, accountability, audit.” Look for presentations on each of these topics.

On a side note, I have found some interesting interviews with members of both the HIT Policy and HIT Standards committees and have posted them on our Committee page. Check them out.

On the conference front for the rest of September, the Health IT Stimulus Summit: Federal Payment Issues, Answers & Opportunities is in Boston on September 17-18. The summit is designed specifically to “meet the needs of executives from hospitals, physician groups and integrated delivery systems who are hungry for the latest information on EMRs”.

September 20-22, HealthIT Insight and IDC Health Insights top industry analysts will be hosting an invitation-only Executive Health Care Summit in Savannah, GA. The summit will include; case studies and one-on-one meetings with technology vendors, presentations on latest research, and build collaborative relationships with peers. To participate you must apply with an initial registration application and answer a set of qualifying questions.

The Health Care Connectivity Summit, September 23-25, is in Baltimore, MD, “Improving Communication & Interoperability across the Health Care Continuum”. The summit will provide industry leaders with a platform to network and discuss their questions, concerns and best practices along with the tools to employ new systems and delivering value for your organization.

Have a good week!