Long Term Effects

By Art Gross – Health IT is an always evolving realm, with new tools coming to market as fast as we can master the old ones. With the advancement of technology comes a need for new software and security to maintain these systems.

Why Security Must Go Beyond HIPAA

By Matt Fisher – A common area of HIPAA that receives a lot of attention by organization is the Security Rule. The focus is driven by the requirement to implement various policies, procedures, and processes to secure the protected health information in each organization’s possession.

Healthcare Apps, Data Privacy and Security Risks

By Susan Walberg JD – Healthcare apps have become increasingly prevalent, with people using them for counting steps, monitoring their calories, or linking to various medical devices, to name just a few examples. Since the COVID outbreak, however, and the explosion of telehealth as a healthcare option, these apps have proliferated at an insane rate.

Getting Back to Basics: A HIPAA Primer

By Matt Fisher – The constant discussions around the impact and operation of the regulations implementing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA (yes, there are 2 A’s and only 1 P) as it is more commonly referred to, have made it an interesting time to be a healthcare attorney and one focused a lot on the operation of HIPAA.