HIPAA & Cybersecurity Insurance

By Art Gross – Healthcare businesses need to be aware of the requirements that come with a cybersecurity insurance policy. In a world of online profiles, splashy websites, and great social media campaigns, businesses can misrepresent themselves in more ways than one.

Garbage Can Cause HIPAA Issues

By Matt Fisher – Throwing out the trash is an everyday occurrence whether in personal or business life. However, when it comes to healthcare organizations, it is necessary to think about what trash goes where. The consideration goes beyond the difference between regular waste and hazardous medical waste.

Portability in HIPAA

By Art Gross – There are many aspects of HIPAA. And sometimes there isn’t a clear understanding of what it covers. We also find that it is the “P” that often trips people up. Because of the strong emphasis on confidentiality, security, and safe handling of information, there is an assumption that the word Privacy is part of the title.

HIPAA Right to Access Enforcement

By Art Gross – The Office for Civil Rights isn’t offering leniency just because you’re a small business. Action will be taken, despite the impact that a HIPAA fine can have on this sector of healthcare. And as eleven recent investigations prove the point, many of those were small practices.

API Adoption and Healthcare

By Art Gross – Healthcare faces threats from cybercriminal activity at rates that continue to rise. The patient data that they access and maintain is valuable on the dark web in more ways than one. It can be an access point for a greater breach and then used to manipulate or steal identities and attack victims individually.