More FTC Privacy Action

By Matthew Fisher – The FTC recently reasserted itself into the privacy discussion when it comes to healthcare information. Given the defined scope of HIPAA that does not cover a number of growing areas where healthcare data can be found, it is important to remember that agencies beyond the HHS OCR can act to require protection.

Coming Together: Part 2 and HIPAA

By Matthew Fisher – HHS released a final rule that will establish greater alignment between Part 2 (privacy of substance use disorder treatment records) and HIPAA. They kicked off the process with a notice of proposed rulemaking that was published on 12/2/22.

Healthcare Regulatory Triumvirate: Only the Start

By Matthew Fisher – It should be well known and understand that the healthcare industry is subject to a variety of laws and regulations that can make operating in the space trickier than other industries. To give both new and experienced individuals a taste of that complexity, three primary laws are often cited as the top priorities to keep in mind.