HIPAA as Standard of Care

By Matt Fisher – A March 2021 decision by the Arizona Supreme Court recognized that obligations and requirements under HIPAA can be the standard of care underpinning a claim of negligence. The Arizona decision is only the most recent in a line of similar decisions by various states. However, what does it mean for HIPAA to act as the standard of care?

Outsourcing Medical Coding and HIPAA: What to Know

By Devin Partida – The medical industry consists of many steps to provide patients with the best care possible. Within this process, payments and coding present a unique challenge. Health care professionals often outsource medical coding to third-party professionals. Doing so, however, requires strict compliance with HIPAA regulations.

HIPAA Stats and Facts

By Art Gross – We couldn’t call them fun facts, because there’s really not a lot that one could label “fun” when it comes to HIPAA, but we thought we’d take a look at some of the statistics and facts in a summary fashion.

Remote Working & Healthcare

By Art Gross – We have seen the healthcare industry rise to the occasion this past year. Telehealth does offer a viable solution for many people who cannot travel outside of their homes, and at the same time, it offers a safe solution to anyone who is COVID-19 cautious.