The Role and Impact of Social Determinants of Health

A Conversation with Yele Aluko MD MBA, Chief Medical Officer at Ernst & Young

Yele Aluko MD, MBA, chief Medical Officer in EY Americas Business Consulting Health Sector. He is a proven physician executive and leader, with 25 years of clinical and administrative health system experience prior to joining Ernst & Young LLP in 2016. He advises health system clients on strategy, business and clinical operations providing C-Suite executives insight on health industry megatrends and enterprise growth opportunities.

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Episode Take Aways

  1. The national conversation around health disparities is the loudest it has even been. How can policy drive action to make centuries-awaited change?
  2. How do we act on the moral imperative of a country to offer healthcare to those that need it the most so we can derive the benefits of population health?
  3. Corporate America is asking how is it possible that the richest nation in the world is facing so many health disparities. Business leaders are looking at what might happen if the government cannot step up to the challenge of providing coverage to the “in need” population.
  4. Companies spend millions on health benefits as a budget line item. Are they spending monies on health or illness management insurance? What are the possible paths to shift from sick care to health care?
  5. Does it pay for companies to enter the behavioral health efforts and invest in employee health – better knowledge about diet, exercise and illness prevention?


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