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Precision Joint Replacement Surgery

By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
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On this episode I talked with Jim Pierrepont, Ph.D., Chief Innovation Officer at the Corin Group, where they are bringing data to bear for improved outcomes in Orthopedic joint replacement. Jim has spent his entire career in the world of orthopedics, starting with his first degree Biomedical Engineering and ultimately a doctorate. that focused on patient-specific planning. As he points out, the joints in use today have moved towards a commodity type product but success coming from the correct placement in the patients. A paper published back in 1978, in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery: Dislocations after total hip-replacement arthroplasties became one of the top referenced papers and the basis of much of the guidance for placements which at the time was based on static measurements. As we have realized over time movement or “functional” placement has been a moving target that was hard to measure but improvements in technology have orthopedic surgeons rethinking placement as a precision concept individualized to the patient.

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Enter Optimized Positioning System (OPS) and CorinConnect – part of a larger strategy by the Corin Group to bring a rigorous data acquisition strategy the includes patient data acquired directly from the patient prior to surgery, imaging that includes functional X-Rays and 3-D reconstructions from CT scans that is creating individualized surgical customization for each and every patient’s joint replacement. The data emerging is already showing a decreased incidence of problems such as dislocation and loosening and offers some exciting potential to further refine joint replacements surgery.

Listen in to hear Jim talk about the Incremental improvement in joint replacement that is based on technology and built in the cloud-based solution that brings the potential of dynamic individualized planning. Planning that includes patient engagement before, during, and after surgery, improving not just individual outcomes but importantly offering new data insights that will help guide future innovations.

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