The Intersection of Data and Healthcare Innovation

A Conversation with Bruno Larvol

Founder and CEO at LARVO
LinkedIn: Bruno Larvol (FOAM)
Twitter: @brunolarvol
Twitter: @Larvol

Bruno joins Gil to discuss the advent of virtual reality (VR) and analytics in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare companies around the globe. Bruno is an entrepreneur and executive walking the talk of iterative, distributed team-based learning and an advocate and innovator for real-world solutions in the metaverse.

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Episode Takeaways

  • The intersection of data and healthcare innovation is where opportunity lies. LARVOL’s objective is to serve healthcare, primarily the pharmaceutical and medical research side, with data and software. The company supports many things – clinical trial data, competitive intelligence, and more – that health companies need, especially when there’s ‘boring’ data that needs to be taken care of.
  • Failure can lead to innovation and new concepts and way of thinking. We need to give more credit to failure. We’re too obsessed with success and we don’t allow innovation to explore the fullest possibility through failed experimentation. The freedom coming from failure can be wonderful; anybody creative has mostly failed, and that’s the reality.
  • There’s a grittiness in the virtual reality and data analysis industry, and an understanding of how tough the odds are. The secret is in the data. If you take care of data, organize data, love the data, the data is going to love you back and teach you something. With enough time, you’ll accelerate the engine toward curing the terrible diseases that we’re trying to overcome as a society. We have to ‘pinch’ the data, and then it talks.
  • The pharma companies are extremely interested in VR to use it to organize advisory boards, for example. The unexpected learning is that as humans, we care about proximity, and Zoom or Teams doesn’t create proximity. This is why we fly places – the connection, the immersion, the sense of human connection is not the same as being there. In order to feel connected to each other and build evolving culture, we have to be connected even if it’s not perfect.


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