TeleMedicine News & Updates 4-21-16

Aeris-200Telemedicine use is growing among health care professionals according to a recent Aeris survey. The majority of more than 150 health care professionals say telemedicine is now a high priority for their organizations and is already providing a measurable return on investment (ROI). It seems that most (84 percent) have faith in the technology industry and believe that it has evolved well enough to produce telemedicine devices capable of delivering similar outcomes for patients treated at a hospital, clinic, or a doctor’s office. While much of the consensus was in favor of telemedicine, it is clear that most practices have a long way to go. Of the respondents, 32 percent had already deployed a telemedicine solution for their health care organization, while 17 percent were in the process of deploying one. Read up on the latest news around the country below.

In State News
Why more Texans will visit their doctors online
[tweet_dis excerpt=”Why more Texas will visit their doctors by #telehealth @dallasnews #HIE #Telemedicine”]Tweet This[/tweet_dis] – Texas is a large state and for a long time now it has struggled with servicing patients far out in rural areas. For this reason, The Lone Star State has been and continues to be a pioneer in the field of telemedicine. Still, not all parts of the state are currently benefiting from long distance healthcare due to the many hurdles in the way of expansion. This opinion piece, from The Dallas Morning News (@dallasnews), lists three key areas where the state needs to enforce rules and the representatives who may be willing to help.

Virginia Telehealth Law
[tweet_dis excerpt=”Foley & Lardner LLP @lexology reporting Virginia enacting #telemedicine bill to expand covered services #telehealth”]Tweet This[/tweet_dis] – Virginia has taken another step forward in advancing telemedicine by enacting a bill to expand commercial insurance coverage of telemedicine-based services. Last year, the Virginia Board of Medicine published Telemedicine Guidelines to instruct practitioners on this rapidly-growing industry. Health care providers, hospitals, and start-up companies offering telemedicine services in Virginia should review the guidelines when deploying services in this state.

Houston Fire Department Using Doctor Video Chats For Minor 911 Calls
Like many fire departments across the country, the Houston Fire Department receives thousands of calls that are far from emergencies. From a bad cough to needing a prescription filled, patients use 911 for a plethora of minor health problems. These types of calls cost EMTs and their departments a great deal of time and money that should be used for real emergencies. Project Ethan is a program being tested across cities in Texas that offers patients a visual interaction with an emergency medicine doctor right from their own homes.

Savings Via Telehealth
BYOD Environments Can Save Money and Alleviate Aggravation
Patients, employers, policymakers, payers and physicians are all beginning to see the benefits, both financially and clinically, of telehealth. However, cost and learning to use devices are two of the challenges often faced by physicians. Healthcare bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies seem to be the perfect solution. With BYOD, organizations don’t have to purchase new equipment and physicians can practice using devices they know how to use. Everyone’s happy, until there is a security breech with patient information! Health IT Security (@SecurityHIT) offers some security features to be considered prior to implementing BYOD.

Telemedicine Used With Autism
Parents of children with autism face numerous challenges, communication and behavioral issues being two of them. Doctors originally thought it was necessary to meet with patients and their parents in person to help, but a study conducted by researchers at the University of Iowa shows treatment through in-home telehealth methods to be just as successful. Not only is it successful but it also saves money cutting costs by two thirds.

Upcoming Conferences
American Telemedicine Association announces ATA 2016, the world’s largest and most comprehensive conference focused on telemedicine, digital, connected and mobile health. ATA 2016 will take place May 14-17 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Register as a group of as little as five and save with the Group Discount rate! Don’t miss this opportunity to join thousands of your peers at the premier forum for healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs in the telemedicine, telehealth and mHealth space. Check out the conference programs and keynotes at a glance.

[tweet_dis excerpt=”Don’t miss #TTSPS2016 – SPS #Telemedicine #Telehealth Showcase 6/21-22 in Phoenix Save $100 register by 4/30″]Tweet This[/tweet_dis] – This year’s Telemedicine & Telehealth Service Provider Showcase (SPS) Conference will take place at the Hyatt Regency Downtown from June 21-22 in Phoenix, AZ. “SPS is about bringing better healthcare to patients, communities, and populations; improving outcomes; and reducing costs. It is about helping hospitals and healthcare systems to thrive through partnerships with telemedicine providers.” The SPS Conference will be packed with sessions and panels featuring nationally known experts and thought leaders in the fields of telemedicine and telehealth services, legal and regulatory issues, and business. Preview the schedule and register prior to April 30th to save $100!