Coevolving with the Evolution of Healthcare Management

By Kathleen Aller – We are moving from a clinic and hospital-based model of health and care led by clinicians to a commercially-driven care system: a colossal experiment being conducted by consumers, and based on market forces. So how do we coevolve with the accelerated evolution of healthcare, in terms of access and management?

Improving Value in Health Care Organizations

By Devin Partida – People have ongoing conversations about improving value within health care organizations. But what that means differs across the respective groups. Patients might link high-quality care to value, while providers may view value as synonymous with productivity.

Telehealth and RPM at HIMSS21

Heading to HIMSS21 in Las Vegas in August? Looking to learn more on telehealth and remote patient monitoring? We rounded up some sessions and exhibitors that want to help. Stop by, they will be glad to see you.