Talking About Women’s Health

A Conversation with Wendy Lund

Wendy is the Chief Communications Officer, at Organon and the host of their podcast Here for Her Health.

She is committed to relentlessly pursuing a better and healthier every day for every woman with Organon, the largest women’s health company of its kind. Wendy is an advocate, adviser and activist with 30+ years of experience in marketing and communications. Her entire career has led her to Organon to realize my purpose of making a true difference in the health and lives of women. Wendy career includes the National League for Nursing, Planned Parenhood Federation of America, MS&L, GCI Health, and Merck.

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Episode Takeaways

  1. Gil speaks with Wendy Lund, chief communications officer for Organon, the most significant health company dedicated to women’s health issues and innovation, exploring her career journey at Planned Parenthood, American League of Nursing, recently at GCI, and now in this global position.
  2. Wendy is among the pathfinders in women’s health and communication – dealing with a multitude of public health issues facing women along the life cycle – she rallies people around the world to address unmet needs and speaks to what it is to launch a massive company of purpose during COVID.
  3. Beyond reproductive health, Wendy speaks to the need for people to recognize that women’s health is far beyond “reproductive health.” Wendy Lund speaks to topics that range from cancer to maternity mortality to health disparities for women of color and other risk factors unique to women. “Women are not just defined by their uteruses.”
  4. Lund reflects on what it is to “listen to women” and even introduced a revolutionary podcast series called “Here for Her Health” to make sure that every woman is heard, and health professionals are listening
  5. Looking forward, Lund speaks about her commitment to making an impact for women – to show up and demonstrate that the company is dedicated to “acting for their health.”


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