Take a Healthier Path and Avoid the Worst Outcomes

A Conversation with Eugene Borukhovich

Co-Founder and COO of YourCoach Health
Twitter: @YourCoachHealth

Eugene Borukhovich (@HealthEugene) formerly sat on the Movement Health Growth Committee, which is focused on scaling the programme, anticipating challenges related to scalability, and sharing strategic recommendations. He is a serial intra and entrepreneur, executive, venture builder, speaker & board advisor with a focus in digital health. Eugene is currently a Co-Founder and COO at YourCoach Health. Prior to YourCoach, Eugene served as a Global Head of Digital Health at Bayer. He has also co-founded and sold a doctor rating startup and a consulting company.

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Episode Takeaways

  • The United States is in the middle of an epidemic of pre-diabetes. All the signs are there. People want alternatives that will help them take a healthier path and avoid the worst outcomes. HealthCoach offers more than 3000 coaches on the platform for any number of health concerns: heart, mental, metabolic, brain, and more. Coaches can manage their own business and the company offers qualified coaches the opportunity to work with industry partners.
  • There’s not a health care system in the United States. There’s a sick care system. Doctors see patients perhaps two or three times a year if they’re lucky. They look at test results and offer the best advice they can, but then the 15-minute conversation is over and the patient is out the door. Coaches can be an ‘outsourced’ solution for keeping patients healthier and extending the impact of that 15-minute conversation.
  • A health coach isn’t a fitness instructor, dietician, or nutritionist. It’s something of a blend of it all, and really the best moniker is ‘behavior change agent’. It’s behavioral health; they listen well and help you extract your internal motivation and find the best behavior change techniques for you as an individual.
  • We all know what we need to do, but we don’t have enough time with the doctors. Coaches can’t replace that, but it’s always great to be able to lean on a real person. Having that human connection can make all the difference in achieving a different outcome.


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