MACRA 101 – Part 1

By Abhinav Shashank – Currently, one of the most discussed topics in the Healthcare industry is MACRA. A complex 962-page document, which is supposed to redesign the entire healthcare industry. Know all about MACRA in 6 questions.

New Directions for Medicare Physician Payment

By Jordan Kiszla & Rachel Nuzum – HHS issued a proposed rule to implement MACRA. Congress passed this bipartisan legislation last year to replace the sustainable growth rate formula (SGR)—which tied the growth of Medicare physician payments to growth in the economy—with an approach that rewards high-performing providers and supports alternative payment models.

Lost in Translation: SGR and ICD-10

In the film Lost in Translation as the end of their time together approaches, Scarlett Johansson tells Bill Murray “Reality changes things…we can’t stay here forever.” One of the core reforms in the SGR bill (H.R. 2) is a move from a physician payment system that rewards volume to one that rewards value. The move to measuring and paying for value means the reality of SGR has changed things.