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Top 6 Questions to Drive Clinician Engagement

By Leslie Athmer – Getting physicians engaged in your organization-wide initiatives while developing a MIPS strategy can be overwhelming. I recently had the opportunity to attend a forum where Dr. William Faber, Director of Navigant Consulting, discussed how to get physicians more engaged in quality initiatives.

Moving Beyond 2018 MIPS Successes and Challenges

By Chris Long – With Q2 well under way, we’re taking stock of 2018 successes and challenges here at SA Ignite. As my colleague Leslie Athmer mentioned in her recent blog post, we submitted MIPS data for nearly 10,000 clinicians, earning an average score of 94% in the three categories submitted for their 2018 performance.

Creating a Culture of Top Performers

By Beth Houck – MS designed the MIPS program to be a catalyst for change, offering healthcare organizations a low-risk path to gradually transition to value-based payment models. Many organizations reacted negatively, viewing MIPS as another complex federal compliance program, which it certainly is.

MIPS Cost Category 2019: What Do We Know?

By Leslie Athmer – I often get asked what the biggest concerns are for organizations participating in MIPS. For the 2019 performance year, one of the biggest concerns is the unknowns with the Cost category. Because there are so many unknowns with this category, I’ll try to focus on what we do know.