Robert Rowley

How Can Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Help Patient Engagement?

By Robert Rowley MD – A recent article by The Commonwealth Fund raises the question of being able to use smartphone apps to get real-time, accurate and personalized guidance for health concerns. While one can envision the convenience, affordability and peace of mind that would result from their use, such services face a number of hurdles before they become reality.

Why Do We Need a New Operating System for Effective Shared Care Plans?

By Robert Rowley MD – The way we pay for healthcare is changing. The transition from fee-for-service (“fee for volume”) to value-based care is beginning to take shape, and will do so increasingly in the next few years. Federal pressures as well as private industry pressures are driving this change, as reviewed nicely in a white paper by Houlihan Lokey, “Value-Based Care.”

Shared Care Plans and Utilization Management

By Robert Rowley MD – Utilization Management (UM) is ubiquitous in healthcare. It is a system of authorizations for procedures and some referrals, for the determination of medical necessity vs. elective, cosmetic or experimental procedures, for determining bed-day allowances in hospitals, and for establishing preferred drug formularies.