remote patient monitoring

Using AI to Optimize Remote Patient Monitoring

By Devin Partida – AI is the key to optimizing RPM and gaining access to next-gen care for patients. Integration care strategies can have incredible benefits for both patients and care providers. Ultimately, it can result in a better experience for everyone and more effective treatment plans.

Enhancing Human Connections in Healthcare

By Matt Fisher – So often, healthcare is about the personal connection established between a patient and a physician, another clinician, or general members of the care team. At least, that is what the ideal scenario may look like, leaving aside the current realities of insufficient time, interferences, and other issues demanding attention.

Evolution of Patient Engagement

By Matt Fisher – Remote patient (or physiologic per Medicare) monitoring is an area of telehealth receiving a fair amount of attention. The basic premise of RPM is to record and obtain physiologic data about in an individual in their daily life that is then fed to the care team, which in turn enables management of an identified condition.