Rahul Sharma

How Generative AI Can Support Value-based Care

By Rahul Sharma – A 360-degree view of the patient is essential in providing clinicians, payers, and patients themselves with actionable insights that can lead to improved outcomes. Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly playing major roles in data digitization, prediction analytics, and decision support systems.

More to say on AI in Healthcare in 2024

Our annual predictions for 2024 continues with AI in 2024 Part 2! Throughout the next few weeks we will be asking the industry experts what they think we will see in 2024. Check back as we cover value-based care, digital health, interoperability, privacy, security, access, and equality.

Data Digitization Is Key to Healthcare Transformation

By Rahul Sharma – Healthcare is continuing to accelerate its path to value-based care models where pay-for-value programs are supplanting the traditional volume-based fee-for-service system. However, VBC is not a miracle payment model that can automatically transform a healthcare organization, never mind an entire industry.