Rabbit Hole

Quitting WHO and the Health Inequality

Through the healthcare lens, we are still encumbered in a global pandemic that disproportionately affects minorities. And the country has erupted in protest over police injustice which is putting tens of thousands of people in crowds without masks or social distancing.

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Quest for the Vaccine!

This week my rabbit hole took me on a quest to the vaccine. Who, when, and how are the questions when it comes to the vaccine for COVID-19. Is the vaccine the only answer to really fully open the economy?

Insurance in the Time of COVID-19

My COVID reading this week took me down the rabbit hole of insurance. Are health policies covering COVID related claims? With unemployment number skyrocketing so is the uninsured numbers. We aren’t driving our cars so what about our car insurance? Are life insurance policies paying out on COVID deaths? What about business interruption policies?

Reading Highlights of My Week

As we start to reopen our cities and work places we are all looking for answers that will make us feel safe. How did we get here? How will we continue to treat, test, track, and flatten the curve? These are interesting articles I read this week.