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Down the Rabbit Hole with Roberta

Before we were “staying home” I was already working from home so my routines were not as disrupted as others. Before all this I found myself maybe once a month in what I called “down the rabbit hole”. I would get on social media to tweet something from our network and find myself coming out of the coma a couple of hours later wondering what had happened? And I never knew if I was better off or better informed after it all. Mostly I just had more questions and less answers. Since we started staying home I find myself down the rabbit hole all the time now. And of course the overall topic is COVID-19.

Even in a week that screamed for social media fun – May the fourth be with you, Cinco de Mayo landing on Taco Tuesday – a week of  serious remembering – 50th Anniversary of Kent State, sinking of the British Ocean liner Lusitania, Chicago Haymarket Square Riot – and a week for remembering milestones – Empire State Building officially opens in NYC, Alan Shepard Jr became the first American in space, Roger Bannister becomes the first man to run a mile in less than 4 minutes – here is what I (@mssoftware) was reading this week.