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Covid Is Killing Rural Americans at Twice the Rate of Urbanites

By Lauren Weber – Rural Americans are dying of covid at more than twice the rate of their urban counterparts — a divide that health experts say is likely to widen as access to medical care shrinks for a population that tends to be older, sicker, heavier, poorer and less vaccinated.

Will ‘Dr. Disinformation’ Ever Face the Music?

By Victoria Knight – The steady stream of spurious claims surrounding the covid vaccines and treatments that swirl around the public consciousness. The physician voices are of particular concern because their medical credentials lend credence to their unproven, often dangerous pronouncements.

Analysis: Don’t Want a Vaccine? Be Prepared to Pay More for Insurance.

By Elisabeth Rosenthal & Glenn Kramon – America’s covid-19 vaccination rate is around 60% for ages 12 and up. That’s not enough to reach so-called herd immunity, and in states like Missouri — where a number of counties have vaccination rates under 25% — hospitals are overwhelmed by serious outbreaks of the more contagious delta variant.

FDA’s Budget: Data Modernization and Enhanced Technologies

By Janet Woodcock MD – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s mission to protect and promote the public health impacts the life of every American, every day. Our work encompasses an ever-widening array of foods, additives, cosmetics, medicines, and medical devices as the FDA regulates approximately 20 cents of every dollar spent annually by American consumers.