public health

Building a Pandemic Insight Engine

By Gerry Miller – The fragmented nature of health care and public health within the U.S hasn’t helped pandemic response. With the winter season now approaching, things just got worse. Combatting a new and highly contagious disease presents a wide range of challenging problems. But in many ways, our tools only exacerbate the issue.

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People Proving to Be Weakest Link for Apps Tracking COVID Exposure

By Rae Ellen Bichell – The app builders had planned for pranksters, ensuring that only people with verified COVID-19 cases could trigger an alert. They’d planned for heavy criticism about privacy, in many cases making the features as bare-bones as possible. But, as more states roll out smartphone contact-tracing technology, other challenges are emerging. Namely, human nature.

Investing in Advanced Manufacturing to Support Public Health Preparedness

By Stephen M. Hahn MD & Anand Shah MD – Americans may be surprised to learn that many 21st century medical products are still being manufactured using technologies commonly employed since the middle of the last century. These manufacturing platforms are not dynamic and can increase the risk of shortages, limit flexibility during an emergency, and contribute to the high cost of medical products.