New Certificate Program in Public Health Informatics and Technology Being Offered

It’s that time of year where classes are beginning, and people are thinking about broadening their career and gaining knowledge in fields of their interest. For those who are interested in public health and health technology, Dominican University New York is an exciting epicenter of opportunity.

Beginning as a two-year college for religious women to become educators, over the years the campus has expanded to accommodate a growing enrollment. On the U.S. News and World Report 2022 Best Colleges List, Dominican was ranked #21 out of Regional Universities North for social mobility.

With the school’s growing popularity, they have created a sensational program for public health informatics and technology: PHIT. This unique program will give healthcare and IT professionals the opportunity to join an emerging field linking healthcare and technology, a sector that is forecasted to experience major growth and generate high-paying careers.

To address public health problems and subsequently support better health outcomes, we have to know what is happening within communities around the country and the world. This information is required for effective public health work and serves as the first step in large-scale analyses of diseases. But obtaining, exchanging, and interpreting large amounts of data can often be difficult. Informatics is the process by which raw data is turned into digestible information and, subsequently, knowledge. Informaticians often act as knowledge architects—they develop blueprints for the information systems that store and transmit health data. Like architects, informaticians consider user needs and legal mandates when planning construction, embracing efficiency, timeliness, and privacy.

Informaticians collect data and translate them into a language practitioners can understand so that they can make data-driven decisions to improve public health.

The program at Dominican University offers an online certificate for those with a bachelor’s degree who currently work within the field. There is also an undergraduate program for students who would like to take the course in person. Whether you’re seeking to enter the healthcare field, want to accelerate your healthcare or IT career, or are an employer in need of a workforce with upgraded skills, the Public Health Informatics and Technology program at Dominican can greatly assist students to a wealth of knowledge and opportunities.

The PHIT program at Dominican College is funded through a $2.2 million PHIT Workforce Program grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). What is most important to know if you are considering enrolling in this program is that if you register before January 10th, you can receive a 20% discount per credit! If you are considering a career in public health and health technology, or would like to broaden your expertise within the field, this opportunity is a must. For more information visit Dominican University New York.