Burda on Healthcare: Calling a Physician Burnout Timeout

By David Burda – I have no doubt that a lot of physicians are burned out. So are a lot of nurses, teachers, journalists, IT people, assembly line workers, truck drivers, rideshare drivers, restaurant servers, fast food workers and pretty much anyone else who’s been asked by their bosses to “do more with less” or “work smarter not harder” as they adapt to the post-pandemic economy.

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The Real Reason Hospitals Hate Physician-Owned Hospitals

By David Burda – Businesses in healthcare run like businesses in any other industry. It’s all about market leverage and who has the upper hand. When you have market leverage and the upper hand, you can charge more for your goods and services without feeling the competitive pressure to improve your goods and services.

Talent Tuesday: Connecting the Anticompetitive Dots

By David Burda – Connecting the dots between physician work hours and physician supply and demand. A new study in JAMA Internal Medicine adds intrigue to the dynamic of nurse practitioners expanding their scope of practice and policy change that could hurt doctors’ earning power.

Tracking Physician Use and Burdens

HHS launched an initiative to measure health information technology (health IT) use among office-based physicians across the country and the ONC awarded a cooperative agreement to the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) to measure the use and potential burdens experienced by office-based physicians.