Hospital Infection Regression

By David Burda – This latest report from the CDC on hospital infection rates gives new meaning to the term “long COVID.” The report’s findings suggest that the pandemic may have permanently damaged the ability of hospitals to prevent their patients from contracting infections while in the hospital. That’s not good.

Telemedicine Travels Well

By David Burda – Yes, it’s another sports analogy to describe a market phenomenon in healthcare. In sports, when we say, “defense travels well,” we mean defense plays as well on the road as it does at home. Unlike offense, which plays better at home than it does on the road.

Does Anyone Like Their CFO?

By David Burda – No matter who I’m interviewing, no matter what the topic, and I ask them what the biggest obstacle or barrier to doing X is, their answer invariably is the CFO. That is, unless I’m interviewing the CFO. We need to be able to explain this to the CFO. We need to demonstrate the return on investment to the CFO.

Your Hospital Is Average

By David Burda – If you want great medical care, you should move to Lake Wobegon, where all the hospitals are above average. Anywhere else, chances are your medical care will be average. At least according to a short but revealing research letter published recently in JAMA Health Forum.