Morris Panner

We Need B2B Innovation to Contain Rising Healthcare Costs

By Morris Panner – Love it or hate it, Obamacare didn’t address the cost side of healthcare. Expanded coverage won’t accomplish much if we Americans can’t afford it. Today, nothing is more important than figuring out how our healthcare system can provide quality care at a competitive price. But healthcare is a rotary phone in the iPhone age.

Changing Minds to Change Outcomes

By Morris Panner – The Internet of Things (IoT) has massive potential to change the way healthcare organizations operate and how clinicians treat patients, primarily because it simplifies the collection and transmission of data. Like businesses in other sectors, healthcare organizations can use IoT technology to manage equipment more efficiently.

More Time Saved Equals More Lives Saved

HIMSS15 Booth #5614 – By Morris Panner – As the global population continues to face inevitable disease outbreaks – think Ebola and measles – healthcare technology is playing an increasingly important role in awareness and prevention. Technology innovations, in fact, are key in preventing the spread of infectious diseases, particularly in developing nations.