HIPAA Risk Analysis

Common HIPAA Mistakes

By Art Gross – As a person who works within the healthcare industry, understanding HIPAA is a necessity, even if it is knowing just the basic rules. These rules and regulations are complex and ever-changing so that they can keep up with the fluid landscape of healthcare, so unless you are an expert, it is unlikely that you know all the details of being compliant.

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HIPAA Q&A on Risk Analysis

By Steve Spearman – Performing a risk analysis is the cornerstone of HIPAA compliance, so it’s important to understand the regulations that require risk analysis, as well as how to conform to these rules. This week’s Q&A with Steve Spearman, focuses on understanding the essentials of risk analysis.

5 Steps for Staying HIPAA Compliant

Being HIPAA Compliant is a Journey By Mike Semel Blog: 4Medapproved.com/HITSecurity Twitter: @SemelConsulting So, September 23, 2013, the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule Enforcement Deadline, has come and…