HIPAA Audits

HIPAA Compliance Audit: What to Expect

By Art Gross – “We’re being audited!” Those words strike fear and uncertainty in most of us – especially if you are in healthcare. But what actually happens in a HIPAA audit? Will a government official show up unannounced with a briefcase and ask for you to produce every bit of your business’s HIPAA documentation while sequestering your team in a conference room? Not quite.

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HCCA Wrap Up

By Rita Bowen – The Health Care Compliance Association’s Compliance Institute is a must-attend event for provider, hospital and health system professionals working with any form of healthcare compliance.

The 7 HIPAA Audit Items the Feds Selected

By Mike Semel – The Office for Civil Rights announced that the new permanent audit program has started. On July 11 letters were sent BY E-MAIL (check your junk mail folders!) to 167 health plans, health care providers, and health care clearing houses (all HIPAA Covered Entities) notifying them that they have to send in documentation for a ‘desk audit.’ They will have 10 days to send in the required materials for review.

Phase 2 HIPAA Audits – The OCR Emails Have Begun

By Jonathan Krasner – Back in March, we reported that OCR had announced its Phase 2 Audit Program. OCR stated that they would compile a database of both Covered Entities and Business Associates to form the basis of the pool of organizations potentially targeted for audit. They have followed up on their intentions and in the last week organizations have started to receive contact emails from OCR.