Healthcare Reform

The Power of Trust

By Matt Fisher – What is trust? It can be something very simple, but also difficult to obtain and quantify at the same time. At its root, trust is about knowing that someone or something can be counted upon. The assurance exists that there is a mutual support and a desire to help each other.

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Enhancing Human Connections in Healthcare

By Matt Fisher – So often, healthcare is about the personal connection established between a patient and a physician, another clinician, or general members of the care team. At least, that is what the ideal scenario may look like, leaving aside the current realities of insufficient time, interferences, and other issues demanding attention.

Building New Healthcare Pathways

By Matt Fisher – Healthcare is experiencing a lot of turmoil over the best way to interact with patients and provide access to care. The tension centers around sticking to traditional models against going full steam into a fully technology-enabled world.

Moving Forward Together: Addressing Health Equity

By Matt Fisher – Inequalities and disparities exist throughout society and industries, an issue that has become ever more apparent and spotlighted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Focusing on healthcare, the inequities are impacting non-white patient populations and with each report found to exist across what appears to be every aspect of healthcare.

The Hacking of Healthcare

Influence of Lobbyists on Healthcare Commentary by Jim Tate Twitter: @JimTate “Lobbying is the act of attempting to influence decisions made by officials in the government most…