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A Different Point of View: Healthcare IT’s History of Magical Thinking

By David Lareau – Every few years, the healthcare industry seems to lose its collective mind over the latest new thing that will solve all our problems and usher in the (dreaded) “new paradigm.” This combination of magical thinking and marketing hype sporadically erupts and then dissipates as reality sets in, and we realize that there is no single answer to the challenges we face.

Why Healthcare CIOs Need Managed IT Services

By Peyman Zand – Achieving greater efficiency in day-to-day operations has a ripple effect across a health system — from reducing the cost of healthcare delivery to improving clinician experience as well as resulting in better outcomes and improving the patient experience.

Exploring the Future of Healthcare IT

By Dan Matthews – Imagine a world in which healthcare is personalized to you based on your unique data and circumstances. Now imagine that the world can be brought into your own home to offer you the kind of healthcare treatments you need, all with the added benefit of artificial intelligence analysis and diagnostic tools.