Healthcare Analytics

8 Things About Healthcare Analytics That May Surprise You, Part 1 of 2

By Lisa English – Yes, the terms “big data” and “analytics” are buzzwords, but they clearly highlight a shift toward data-driven decision-making with a real measurable impact on outcomes in many different industries. Savvy digital marketers now mine your digital breadcrumb trail to offer you more of what you like and attempt to discern what you need before you are aware of it yourself.

The Practical Use of the Healthcare Analytics Adoption Model

By Jared Crapo – I spend a lot of time talking to healthcare organizations about analytics and the practical uses of implementing an analytics adoption model. Oftentimes, though, these discussions turn to other related topics, such as data warehousing, dashboards, natural language processing, Hadoop, population health, meaningful use reporting, predictive modeling, and lots of stuff in between.