Healthcare Analytics and Why Skiing is like Clinical Improvement

At HIMSS15 in Chicago we had the opportunity to video several companies on the exhibit floor. Health Catalyst was one of them, taking us on a tour of their booth which included a virtual ski run. The company is based in Salt Lake, Utah, home to some of the best skiing in the country. At HIMSS, they put the ski motif to good use, saying “skiing is like clinical improvement .”

Jared Crapo, Vice President at Health Catalyst, does a great job of taking us through the company’s six analytic, pop health and research product lines, labeled as ski runs.

You can view the video here or click on the image below.

Healthcare Analytics

Health Catalyst Academy: An Innovative Approach for Accelerating Outcomes

If you’re a follower of HITECH Answers you’ve seen us promote Health Catalyst’s ongoing series of webinars. Breaking away from their standard webinar format, the company is introducing their Health Catalyst Academy’s Accelerated Practices (AP) Program, a unique learning experience that has been designed to help providers tackle challenges for improving quality of care and lowering costs. The first webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 1:00–2:00 PM ET.

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Healthcare Analytics Summit

Health Catalyst is also hosting their 2nd annual summit on September 8-10 in Salt Lake City, UT at The Grand America Hotel. The summit will feature over 30 learning sessions and attendance is expected to exceed 900+. The company is offering an Early Bird Registration, saving up to $400 if you lock in before May 31. Check out registration information and pricing.

New this year to the summit is the Analytics Walkabout on Tuesday, September 8, from 5:30 – 8:30 PM MST. The Analytics Walkabout will consist of 25 or more concurrent project sessions where attendees will be able to talk to front-line leaders across an array of projects. These are intended to be 10-minute sessions where you can quickly assess the success of smaller projects across a wide variety of clinical, financial, technical and leadership topics.

Here’s a rundown of some of the reasons to attend the summit.

  • You have a confusing array of data sources and analytics tools and need a more comprehensive analytics strategy.
  • You experience difficulty pulling together executive or department level reports that show a single version of the truth or that satisfy your clinical, operational, financial, or administrative requests.
  • You have an integrated data and analytics infrastructure but face resistance from different groups who reject using a centralized approach. You are looking for ways to accelerate analytics adoption throughout the organization.
  • You have financial pressures to reduce costs, but don’t have a systematic way of identifying, measuring, prioritizing and tackling your healthcare waste opportunities.
  • You have a well-established data and analytics system, but feel you are reaching a limit to what you are able to do.
  • Past acquisition or mergers have caused integrated reporting challenges across organization silos.
  • You have clinician enthusiasm for using analytics, but they are frustrated by the difficulty or inability to get data, reports, or analytics in a timely or accurate fashion.
  • You have pockets of teams making great progress in data-driven care improvement, but other teams are not able to get support or replicate their success.
  • You have researchers looking to conduct research and track results, but are not able to get the data and reports they need.
  • You are a Health Catalyst client and are looking for ways to accelerate your progress by bringing a broader team together for more intensive in-person training.

The summit target audience includes C-level executives, physician leaders, nurse leaders, patient safety and quality leaders, IT leaders, analytics leaders, and front-line cross functional teams.

Learn more about Healthcare Analytics Summit 15.