Frank Fortner

Innovation Through Collaboration

By Frank Fortner – Beth Israel Deaconess Healthcare CIO, Dr. John Halamka, recently spoke in an interview with Jonathan Bush about Meaningful Use having accomplished its initial purpose and offered his thoughts on how we get back to innovation. He said, “It got us to adoption. We moved from paper to electronic to basic electronic functionality that is good enough. But now it’s time to let loose the market for innovation.” I’ll just say what everyone else is probably thinking … amen!

The Exponential Future of Patient Engagement

By Frank Fortner – In October of 2014, I attended the CHIME fall conference and had the privilege of listening to Dr. Peter Diamandis. He brings an optimistic message about the value created through the exponential growth of certain technologies — that starts after they become “digitized,” yielding exponential leaps forward rather than small, linear steps.