EHR implementation

How to Solve the ‘new normal’ EHR Implementation Challenges

By Liza Dzhezhora – Electronic health records have become ubiquitous in the US healthcare industry. However, the work on improving those solutions is in full swing. According to Fact.MD, the EHR market value is expected to reach $41.8bn in 2022 – 2032. What are the key EHR implementation challenges, and how to solve them?

Getting the Most From EHR Virtual Training

By Terri Johnson – EHR implementations have gone virtual in response to COVID. And so has training related to activations, upgrades, optimization projects, and onboarding of new clinics or staff. Healthcare organizations have traditionally trained in-person with dozens of software experts for larger efforts such as a go-live.

Effectively Maintain Your Legacy System During the Chaos of an Install

By Paul Allen – Resources are limited, funds are limited, and time is invaluable. What should an organization do to maintain their legacy system during the installation of a new system? It’s impossible to ignore the compliance, patient service needs, and required enhancements to your current system. What should you consider to remain compliant? What can be done to make the go-live more productive and seamless?

The Other Side of the Implementation Coin

By Rena Hrivnak – Implementation isn’t just about the new system, there’s also the process of taking the necessary steps to decommission legacy applications. The health system is in agreement that the application needs to be retired, but is unsure as to when and how the retirement process should begin.

Post EHR Implementation – 5 Things You Need To Do

By Glenda Wickus – Electronic health record (EHR) implementation, planning, training, implementation, scheduling, optimization, planning, implementation, implementation! These concepts seem to be the only words we hear buzzing around our heads when we talk about EHRs. But what about post-live? There seems to be a scarcity of conversation once the initial shock has worn off and routines start emerging.