Don Rucker MD

Interoperability, are we getting anywhere?

Our annual predictions continue with Interoperability in 2024. Throughout the past weeks we have been asking the industry experts what they think we will see in 2024. Check out all the coverage in AI, value-based care, population health, digital health, privacy, security, access, and equality.

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Payer Provider Data Sharing – A New World?

By Don Rucker, MD – Providers sharing data with payers has been anxiety-provoking and is often only as part of rework for appeals of denials of payment or prior authorization. Obviously, providers have been concerned that any data they give to payers would be used to lower their revenues from that payer.

Global Partnership Leads the Way to Advance Digital Health

By Don Rucker – Across the globe, countries are making significant investments and advancements to promote the movement of electronic health information. Global health IT leaders are working collaboratively to develop, implement, and share best practices with other nations about projects that advance key elements of digital health.

National Health IT Week Reflections

By Don Rucker MD & Steven Posnack MS MHS – National Health IT Week is the perfect time to reflect on our collective success since last year. The health information technology (health IT) landscape has dramatically evolved since the first National Health IT Week in 2006.

Coming to ONC – One Informaticist’s Journey

By Don Rucker MD – These are exciting times for the software industry, with extraordinary new products and services on devices from phones and tablets to their backend enterprise servers. We need this dynamism in software development to provide increased interoperability and usability to patients and clinicians.