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Interoperability, are we getting anywhere?

Our annual predictions continue with Interoperability in 2024. Throughout the past weeks we have been asking the industry experts what they think we will see in 2024. Check out all the coverage in AI, value-based care, population health, digital health, privacy, security, access, and equality.

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Heading to HLTH? Add these to your Agenda

If you are attending the upcoming HLTH event in Las Vegas, starting October 8th, consider stopping by these booth or checking out these sessions. And don’t miss checking out Darena Solutions’ product announcement of MeldRx.

Can Health Tech Reduce US Healthcare Spending?

Projections of National Health Expenditures and health insurance enrollment have been released for the years 2022-2031. We wanted to know how health tech can help reduce US healthcare spending and positively impact the forecasts? Here are the answers we received.