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The Ecosystem Event for the Entire Healthcare Industry

When: October 8-11, 2023
Where: Convention Center West Hall, Las Vegas, NV
Hashtag: #HLTH2023
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If you are attending the upcoming HLTH event in Las Vegas, consider stopping by these booth or checking out these sessions.



Booth #5826

Darena Solutions specializes in healthcare tech, offering Cures Act-certified APIs and a focus on interoperability. Our flagship product, MeldRx, is designed to make healthcare app development hassle-free. Got a great app idea but stuck on the technicalities? MeldRx simplifies the complexities of things like SMART on FHIR authentication, data hosting, and security so you can concentrate on launching your app. It’s compatible with multiple EHR systems and data formats such as C-CDA and FHIR.


Booth 6437

Find out why two children with identical health and demographic profiles could respond so differently to behavioral health treatment. At HLTH 2023, Trayt Health’s CEO Malekeh Amini will discuss the vital role of social determinants of mental health in a panel discussion on Tuesday afternoon. Stop by to learn more about the Trayt platform, which tracks and measures 750 different factors that influence mental health and brings this data into day-to-day care for mental health professionals and patients.

HITRUST Alliance

Booth #6042

Our goal is to champion programs & solutions that protect sensitive information & manage information risk & compliance.


Booth #1342

Paubox offers HIPAA compliant communication solutions that empower healthcare organizations of any size to simply and securely communicate. Our suite of solutions includes HIPAA compliant encrypted email, inbound email security, HIPAA compliant email marketing, and HIPAA compliant email API for transactional communications. Our customers love our HITRUST CSF certified solutions and we have industry-topping G2 ratings (4.9/5 stars).

Altera Digital Health

Booth #2951

A global healthcare IT leader, Altera Digital Health develops and elevates technology to connect and inspire healthier communities. We design digital health services that lead healthcare to a higher place, while we guide those we partner with, all along the way. Altera Digital Health is bringing next-level healthcare within reach.

Consensus Cloud Solutions

Booth #2446

Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc. is the world’s largest digital fax provider and a trusted global source for the transformation, enhancement and secure exchange of digital information. Our solutions consist of: cloud faxing; digital signature; natural language processing and artificial intelligence; robotic process automation; interoperability, and workflow enhancement that result in improved outcomes.

Woebot Health

Booth #MP-2567

Woebot Health is the mental health ally for people and businesses that is answering the skyrocketing need for mental health care by breaking down the systemic constraints that block equal access to it. Our relational agent, Woebot, is at the heart of an AI-powered platform that can tailor products for specific intended uses and patient populations. We work directly with virtual primary care companies, payers and IDNs.

Gozio Health

Booth #4126

Gozio Health partners with health systems to increase consumer engagement using a proven mobile platform and strategy. The entire healthcare journey–both in-person and digital–is improved by giving systems the flexibility to consolidate all their patient-facing digital solutions into one premium native mobile experience accessible by anyone, anywhere. Gozio customers surveyed in a 2021 KLAS Research Emerging Technology Spotlight report found 100% satisfaction.


Booth #6628

Datavant is the leader in helping organizations securely connect health data. We power the compliant exchange of de-identified and identified health data, eliminating data silos, protecting patient privacy, and accelerating healthcare innovation, research, and improved patient outcomes. From linking clinical trial data to real-world data to medical record retrieval for payers and disease registries, hundreds of organizations across the industry trust Datavant to solve their connectivity needs.


October 8th: 2:00 PM—2:40 PM PDT
The Diabetes Money Pit
Moon Stage

Diabetes costs $237 billion annually. If that didn’t wake you up, that’s $1 out of every $4 spent on healthcare. If we can reduce costs for this specific patient population, we can make a massive impact on our total healthcare expenditure. With reimbursement rates varying from region to region for treating similar conditions, consistency in cost cutting strategies is challenging. We are gaining ground in discovering new ways to diagnose, treat and prevent diabetes, but will it be enough to offset the cost impact of GLP-1s and further, the 1.4 million Americans getting diagnosed each year? The odds are against us, but who doesn’t like a challenge?

Chitra Nawbatt

  • Gary Rothenberg, DPM, CDCES, CWS, Head of Medical Affairs, Podimetrics
  • Jared Watkin, Senior Vice President, Diabetes Care, Abbott
  • Olaoluwa “Laolu” Fayanju, MD, Chief Medical Officer, RubiconMD
  • Sanjula Jain, Ph.D, Chief Research Officer and SVP of Market Strategy, Trilliant Health

October 9th, 11:00 AM—11:40 AM PDT
Value-Based Care in a Multi-Payer World
Sun Stage

Value-based care reshapes the way we perceive the healthcare ecosystem, where someone’s cost is no longer just another’s revenue, but rather a shared investment in a healthier society. Embracing VBC not only fosters cost-efficiency, but also becomes a powerful enabler of health equity, prioritizing patient outcomes above all else. The current state of VBC is still uncertain, and depending on who you ask, we aren’t clear on how much it’s really moved the needle. Are the hurdles of adopting this model in the multi-payer world of healthcare too great to overcome? And does fee-for-service still have a role to play in this evolving landscape? Strikingly, the answer lies in a balanced fusion of the two. To realize a world where healthcare transcends financial barriers, emphasizing quality outcomes and patient-centric care, value-based care will certainly need to play the leading role.

Nancy Brown, General Partner, Oak HC/FT

  • Alisha Alaimo, President and Head of North America, Biogen
  • Jaewon Ryu, MD, JD, President and CEO, Geisinger
  • Javier Rodriguez, Chief Executive Officer, DaVita
  • Kate Ryder, Founder & CEO, Maven

October 9th, 4:45 PM—5:20 PM PDT
Is the VBC Experiment Working?
Main Stage

The value-based care model, with its origins dating back to the late 1960s, has faced a slow journey towards widespread adoption. Surprisingly, a 2022 survey revealed that less than half of primary care physicians had received any value-based payments, highlighting the model’s lack of reach. Amidst this backdrop, the hype surrounding AI in healthcare begs the question: can it truly make healthcare more affordable and accessible, especially if we view value-based care as a mechanism to achieve this goal? Looking ahead to 2024, can we really say that the VBC experiment is working or are further tests needed to conclude the hypothesis?

Annie Lamont, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Oak HC/FT


  • Andy Slavitt, General Partner, Town Hall Ventures
  • Brad Smith, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Russell Street Ventures
  • Cheryl Pegus, M.D., M.P.H, Managing Director, Morgan Health Ventures, Morgan Health
  • Secretary Alex Azar, 24th Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

October 10th, 10:30 — 11:30 am PDT
LVCC, Lvl 3, Rm 325-327

Join Clarify Health co-founder and president, Todd Gottula, in an exciting panel discussion, “Finders Keepers: How to Attract and Retain Top AI and Tech Talent in Healthcare.”

Now, more than ever, finding and keeping top technology talent is critical to the growth of innovative healthcare companies. The flood of active candidates into the health tech talent pool, in part due to recent industry-wide technology layoffs, not only provides major opportunities for health tech companies to secure talent, but also for those who may be considering a career shift to the health tech industry. With the growth of AI, this type of talent is in more demand now than ever before, and this talent is proving to be equally as challenging to find as they are to keep. In this session, their speakers will discuss:

  • Current trends impacting engineering and product hiring
  • The net effect of industry-wide technology layoffs on healthcare
  • How to recruit for AI and machine learning
  • Retaining tech talent for the long haul

Clarify Health is the #1 trusted enterprise analytics and value-based payments platform for health plans and healthcare providers. Visit them at Meeting Cube #7045 for live demos over fresh coffee.

HLTH Sponsor JP Morgan Payments

J.P. Morgan is looking forward to attending HLTH in Las Vegas and discussing ways to help health businesses scale and thrive in a digital future.

J.P. Morgan is enabling the future of healthcare and driving innovation in the industry, from helping businesses keep up with digital transformation and build better payment platforms, to offering solutions that optimize working capital and investing to improve healthcare for employees.

Connect with us at HLTH to see all the ways that J.P. Morgan is rethinking healthcare. Check out the session “Is the VBC Experiment Working?” featuring Cheryl Pagus, M.D., M.P.H, Managing Director of Morgan Health on October 9 at 4:45 PM on the Main Stage to learn about value-based care and the role that AI can play in achieving the goal of more affordable and accessible healthcare.

Discover how J.P. Morgan powers healthcare organizations with solutions to build financial strength, resiliency and growth. Learn more.