Challenges in Healthcare Cybersecurity

By Art Gross – The healthcare industry is always a top target for cybercriminals, but cybersecurity doesn’t always take the top spot when it comes to business concerns or plans in this sector. While we hear about breaches happening on a regular basis, we don’t seem to act at the same rate. What are the challenges that healthcare faces when it comes to giving cybersecurity the respect it deserves?

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Why Do Hackers Love Healthcare?

By Art Gross – Cybercrime. It has become a regular part of the conversation around healthcare. We are regularly presented with the stats, and we know that the risk is greater for our businesses when it comes to cybercriminal activity. WHY is that the case?

Protecting Against The Threat of Ransomware

By Art Gross – Recently a memo went out from the White House and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency to industry leaders that emphasized the threat posed by ransomware within their businesses as well as emphasizing just how important it was to the current administration to prioritize the awareness.

Dark Web Dangers

By Art Gross – With healthcare being a top target in the world of cybercrime, it never hurts to do a review every so often of the landscape and of the players in the game. We’ll also take a look at how you might be compromised without even knowing it or suspecting it could happen.

Hover Hover Hover

By Art Gross – At times, it feels as if we could start every week with this sentence: “There’s a new tactic being used by cybercriminals to trick unsuspecting victims.” And the sophistication level of the new tactics is off the charts. So, what are we dealing with as of late? Well, where should we start…