A Break in the Medical Affordability Crisis Clouds

By David R. Burda – As a journalist, I’m more of a bad news person than a good news person. I teeter on the line between skepticism and cynicism. I’m happier reporting on conflict than I am reporting on resolution. But every dog has its day, and one of those days came for me recently when the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released an updated report on…

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Has the Retail Health Boom Gone Bust?

By David R. Burda – My local Target store used to have a CVS MinuteClinic in it. Target has since repurposed that retail clinic space into a cellphone activation center. When it was a retail clinic, I always wondered what people were there for….

Bad Billing

By David R. Burda – A short research letter recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association supports the idea that it’s providers and payers, not patients, that have created the revenue cycle mayhem.

Sticks, Not Carrots, Get Hospitals’ Attention

By David Burda – Two researchers — one from Georgetown, the other from Harvard — wanted to know how raising the fines for hospital noncompliance with the federal price transparency rules affected hospital compliance with the rules. The researchers defined compliance as posting a…

Healthcare Savings — Lies and Punchlines

By David Burda – Healthcare executives always lie about why they did what they did, whether what they did is a merger, acquisition, affiliation or strategic partnership. The only correct answer is “for economic reasons.” They made a deal to preserve revenue or profits or to increase revenue or profits. That’s it. Sorry.

Disrupting Healthcare Through Innovation

By Don Woodlock – Healthcare has always been an industry of technology and innovation. The list of significant advances which made a real difference is impressive: clean water, the introduction of anesthesia, the invention of the stethoscope, developing nursing into a skilled profession, germ theory, vaccinations, X-rays – the list goes on.