Disrupting Healthcare Through Innovation

By Don Woodlock – Healthcare has always been an industry of technology and innovation. The list of significant advances which made a real difference is impressive: clean water, the introduction of anesthesia, the invention of the stethoscope, developing nursing into a skilled profession, germ theory, vaccinations, X-rays – the list goes on.

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What Executives Think of Their Own Health System’s Performance

By David Burda – They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. That sage advice apparently applies equally to people suffering from an addiction and people running a health system. A new study in the Journal of Healthcare Management reveals a big gap between what many executives think of their health system’s performance and how their system actually performs.

Friday at Five: Dave’s Dispatch

By David W. Johnson – Healthcare’s Administrative “Sludge” Is Worse than You Think – Given its scale, it’s not surprising that healthcare is rife with positive and negative externalities. Covid vaccinations, for example, reduce infection risk for those who have not received shots.

Looking Ahead in 2016

By Matt Patterson MD – With a new year just getting started, most realists recognize that for all intents and purposes ACA is here to stay. No matter what discourse has transpired or how the next presidential election turns out, we are down a path of value-based care with no turning back.