Andy Slavitt

Focusing on Primary Care for Better Health

By Andy Slavitt & Patrick Conway – We have historically invested far more in treating sickness than we do in maintaining health. The result of this imbalance is not only poorer health, but more money spent in institutions, hospitals, and nursing homes. The road to a better health care system means correcting this imbalance.

Could MACRA Be Delayed?

At a hearing on MACRA yesterday by the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance, Acting CMS Administrator Andy Slavitt (@ASlavitt) said the agency may consider a delay in implementing MACRA, acknowledging that small and rural practices may struggle with the new legislation and its current January 1, 2017 start date.

A Foundation for Discovering Clinical Health IT Applications

By Karen De Salvo MD & Andy Slavitt – Every day across America, health information technology professionals and development teams are creating interoperability solutions using APIs. As this surge of innovation grows with each passing year, the likelihood that teams across the nation are creating similar or duplicative health IT applications is also increasing.

Pitching Medicaid IT in Silicon Valley

By Andy Slavitt – Earlier this year, I announced a new effort to connect new, innovative companies and their investors to the state Medicaid program IT space. Since this announcement, I have been encouraged by the initial interest from companies that may not have otherwise ever thought about participating in this important health insurance program that covers more than 72 million Americans.