Health IT Appointments and Hires

Latest announcements made from companies and organizations on hiring and appointments include the ONC, EHNAC, Cerner, Divurgent, ValueHealth, ApprioHealth, Theranica, HealthMyne, NAACOs, Velatura HIE Corp., OncoHost, Parexel, SonarMD, Discovery Health Partners, Maine Medical Center, & DrFirst.

COVID-19 Communication Solutions: Vaccine and Testing Coordination

By Linda Fischer – The ongoing stressors of COVID-19 surges, staffing shortages, and hospitals filled beyond typical capacity have converged over the past year to make efficient care coordination more important than ever. Now, as healthcare workers also prepare for the additional difficulties that come with flu season…

The CMS ADT Mandate Is Coming. Are You Ready?

By Todd Thompson BSN RN – Are you ready to share admissions, discharge and transfer (ADT) data with other providers in 2021? Sharing this information can help improve care coordination and lower readmissions, while failing to do so can put you in violation of a new CMS mandate.