Studies, Surveys and Reports: What Can We Learn?

Our monthly roundup of surveys and reports from around the industry. We found interesting information that continues to give a glimpse into where we are going in healthcare. This month, will we ever see the end of the pandemic? Digital health and the most wired hospitals. Oncologist believe real world data will accelerate cancer research. And Americans want home to be the center of their health.

2022 AHA Environmental Scan
The American Hospital Association’s (@ahahospitals2022 Environmental Scan, provides key data and insights on the current landscape and can help your organization explore the pandemic’s ramifications on the health care field for the upcoming year and beyond. The pandemic has had a profound impact on all of the topics included in the 2022 Environmental Scan, including the financial and operational challenges of the health care system, workforce shortages, resiliency and the future of work, the sharp increase in behavioral health needs for both patients and clinicians, health equity including digital health access, and care delivery transformation including telehealth and hospital-at-home models.

Study Finds Vaccine Dose Timing Reduces Risk of Long-COVID in Unvaccinated Patients
Arcadia ( (@ArcadiaHealthIT), a population health management and health intelligence platform, released findings of its study published on medRxiv showing that current vaccines reduce the risk of long-COVID, even when administered up to 12 weeks after a COVID diagnosis.

2021 Digital Health Most Wired Trends Report Reflects Rapid Digital Transformation, Growth in Patient Engagement
Kicked into overdrive by the pandemic, digital health continues to rapidly transform the state of healthcare, according to 2021 results from the CHIME Digital Health Most Wired survey. Patient engagement shows significant gains this year, with patients adopting digital portals, mobile apps and electronic insurance cards in ever-increasing numbers. Interoperability and price transparency also gained ground with wide adoption of digital solutions across the industry. The findings were published this month in the annual Digital Health Most Wired National Trends report, which is free and available online on the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) website.

America’s Health Rankings 2021 Annual Report Illustrates Complex Picture of America’s Health
The United Health Foundation, the philanthropic foundation of UnitedHealth Group (@UnitedHealthGrp), released its “America’s Health Rankings® 2021 Annual Report,” which provides insights into the early effects of COVID-19 on Americans’ health and well-being. The report — which includes new, publicly available data — paints a complex and nuanced picture of America’s health during the pandemic, including reversals of longer-term trends across several measures.

Americans Want Home To Be At The Center Of Their Health
Moving Health Home (MHH) (@MoveHealthHome), a coalition of health care organizations advocating for improved access to home-based care, released a national consumer survey sponsored by industry leaders BrightStar Care, Home Instead, Intermountain Healthcare, and Vituity. During the pandemic, holidays have looked different. People have been separated from loved ones by distance and walls of health care facilities. This has been alleviated, in part, by federal flexibilities such as the Hospitals Without Walls (HWW) and Acute Hospital Care at Home (AHCAH) waivers, that allowed hospitals to treat Medicare beneficiaries in their homes. However, these waivers are set to expire at the end of the public health emergency (PHE) unless Congress acts.

A Shared Mission in Need of a Shared Language
It’s essential for providers to ensure consumers are well-equipped with access to necessary information when it comes to their health plan – what’s lacking is the transparency behind their options. After ranking lower costs and enhanced quality of care as the top priority in EmblemHealth’s (@EmblemHealth) recent report, consumers are already on the right track to adopting value-based care models – it just takes providers’ efforts to effectively deliver this critical information and rightfully provide consumers with uncapped insight to possible healthcare options.

Study: 83% of Oncologists Believe Real-World Data Is Critical to Accelerating Cancer Research and Treatment
COTA, Inc. (@cotahealthcare), an oncology real-world data and analytics company, announced insights from a study of practicing oncologists that found 83 percent of oncologists surveyed believe real-world data is critical to accelerating the development of potentially life-saving cancer drugs and treatments.

Like Clark Griswold: 1 in 4 Americans Love the Holidays Until it Hurts
It’s no surprise that Americans are more likely to injure themselves during the holiday season, but painful mishaps are especially problematic during Thanksgiving and Christmas when people are less likely to seek emergency room (ER) care for themselves or a loved one, according to a survey by healthcare technology pioneer DrFirst (@DrFirst).

Waves of Pandemic Incite Soaring Demand for Population Health Technology and Analytics Solutions, Black Book 2022 User Survey
With strengthened provider data sharing employed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and new interoperability standards applied, 95% of all Black Book (@blackbookpolls) survey respondents in Q1 2022 expect an increase in related data expenses for health systems and integration problems with vendors. Less than 4% of all respondents foresee any governmental incentives for providers that actively participate in the information-blocking rule fixes in the next calendar year.