Still Struggling with Poor Data Quality and Integrity

A Conversation with Keith Olenik, Chief Health Information Officer at AHIMA

Keith is a senior executive health care professional with 25+ years of industry relationships, influence, and thought leadership in the areas of health information and health IT. With deep industry experience in EHRs, clinical documentation, interoperability, privacy and GDPR compliance, Keith currently leads AHIMA’s (@AHIMAResources) membership, certification, academic affairs, workforce development and customer relations teams.

While data integrity in healthcare isn’t a new problem, clinicians now suffer from a wider variety of clinical data issues. This critical conversation explores AHIMA’s six tenants of data quality, identifies nascent challenges including third-party data and person-centered care, and provides valuable privacy reminders for 2023’s rapidly exploding volumes of health information.

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5 Key Takeaways

  1. Despite all the clinical data we now have available in healthcare, the industry still struggles with poor data quality and integrity.
  2. AHIMA supports the use of policy to improve the accuracy of healthcare data in six specific areas as defined in the association’s policy statement on data integrity and quality.
  3. One of the key areas to improve is data consistency across the industry.
  4. Healthcare provider organizations lack time and resources to maintain data integrity. Health information professionals—many of whom are coders, CDI specialists, and other medical record experts –are ideally suited to address the data quality conundrum.
  5. AHIMA’s new educational programs are designed to build the skills and knowledge necessary to address data quality and integrity nationwide.


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