Standardizing Care Across the Board

By Dr. Lawrence Kosinski, Founder and Chief Medical Officer, SonarMD
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On the latest episode of The Scope with Dr. K, Dr. Lawrence Kosinski and his guest, Dr. Roy Beveridge, discuss the pressing need for standardization of care, and how to enact more efficient management of chronic illnesses.

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Dr. Beveridge is currently a Senior Strategic Advisor at Avalere Health, a healthcare business consulting firm specializing in strategy, policy, and data analysis for life sciences, health plans, providers, government agencies, and industry associations. He previously served as Chief Medical Officer of Humana, and is currently a SonarMD board member.

“We, as clinicians, need to rely more on standardization. If I were to see someone in Washington D.C., Chicago, or Seattle with the exact same set of issues, you’d hope that you’d get similar treatment in any of those places.”

The show also explores current challenges for health plans, specifically around how to best utilize data to keep patients healthy.

“I think everyone is trying to figure out how this data infrastructure can be used more effectively. Physicians have a lot of data on patients, hospitals have a lot of data on patients, but we’ve got to remember that the transfer of data for the benefit of the patient is most important.”

This article was originally published on SonarMD and is republished here with permission.

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