Simplicity Driven by Focus on the Patient

By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
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On this episode I am talking to Sameer Badlani, MD (@SameerBadlaniMD) an Internist and the CIO for Fairview Health Services.

We explore his journey to becoming a CIO that started at the University fo Chicago where he was involved in teaching and started exploring his passion around informatics and its ability to bring change in his patients and continued through Intermountain healthcare and the University of Utah where he learnt bench research was not the best match for him and most recently at Sutter Health. He has been intimately involved in implementing Epic EMR systems and transitioned from a CMIO to a Chief Health Information Officer (CHIO).

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His focus has been around bringing resilience to healthcare organizations and importantly believes that technology is an enabler, reminding me of my often quoted point from Michael Dell.

Technology has always been about enabling Human Potential

His focus on resilience came from others including the work by Ranjay Gulati that takes things back to the basics of a focus around the consumer and patient, to simplify things as much as possible. As he points out the likely average number of applications that a healthcare system has (but likely not using) is around 3000! He is workmen with his team to focus on bringing this number down to a more manageable 600 to maximize what they use channeling others like the Ochsner clinic (You can read more about that from a previous post Moneyball for Medicine with Richard Milani).

Listen in to hear his thoughts on the consumer wave of opportunity and the importance of Patient or Consumer Centricity to be at your core by. Hear what he learnt when he put his listening hat on around the patient advocates and what it is they need and want from our health system in terms of health data and interoperability.

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This article was originally published on the Dr. Nick – The Incrementalist blog and is republished here with permission.