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By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
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On this episode I talked to Dr. Chris Hobson, Chief Medical Officer, Orion Health (@OrionHealth), a population health and precision medicine company focused on data to support the delivery of the best possible care. Chris started out working in hospitals medicine for 6 years and spent time in primary care in New Zealand before starting work at South Auckland health where he got involved in delivering integrated healthcare and creating the necessary IT infrastructure. They developed an integrated software record that was very successful for shared care and population health management giving Chris an opportunity to focus on the technology and he transitioned into Orion Health.

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In a recent post on HealthIT Answers Chris offered 5 essential questions clinicians need to ask about precision medicine, which is the medicine we all want but it has been challenging to deliver and we discuss personalized medicine and the interplay with population health. As we heard my interview Moving to the Patient Home getting personalized care starts with the capture of local individual data that drives both the insights as well as the personalization of treatment. But how do we link all the data elements that go far beyond the genomic data and the importance of the share care record?

We talk about different health systems from around the world from Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and how these differences have made information sharing easier and what we can learn from them. As Chris points out:

you get what you incentivize and in the US we have a Fee for Service System

However the good news is the US Healthcare systems is starting to move towards Accountable Care Organizations and a shared care model that drives better health all round.

Listen in to hear our discussion on the importance of Health Information Exchanges, how solving interoperability requires incremental steps that start with basic standards that work but are imperfect (remember “don’t let perfection stand in the way of progress”). You can hear Chris talk about the journey of developing successful shared records and the positive impact he expects to see from the most recent standard FHIR and how the recent regulatory changes on information blocking will bring about some welcome positive changes to healthcare, and what he learnt from New Zealand that only had 7 EHR vendors that to chose from.

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